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Tiffany Topcab Mitchell

About The Author:

I am Tiffany Mitchell also known as Tiffany Topcab & this blog is about snowboarding journey’s.  I grew up in California until I was 14,  where there is not to much snow, unless you go into the mountains.  Growing up in California was awesome, tons of sun and beaches.  The first time I actually saw snow was when I was 13, and I fell in love with it. I tried skiing twice but coming from a single mom who was raising me and my little brother unable to afford this great sport. I moved to Boston in my 20′s and with my success of starting a Boston Taxi Co. called TOP CAB & CITY CAB, I was finally financially able to ski.  I bought my first ski season pass to Wachusetts Mountain in Princeton Massachusetts.  I bought  my first set of ski’s and that was Dec 2010.. I loved to ski and enjoyed the thrill of learning how to ski.  I am loving the New England ski experience…

In March of 2011 I was introduced to the snowboard… I won a free trip to Bretton Woods Mountain in NH and jumped on a snowboard just to see if it was something I could do.  Once on the board, I fell in love with riding and how hard it was to do.  Snowboarding is intense- you literally touch every part of the mountain. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. I dream of being great.  I ended up buying my own board which was a K2 Board that was a 159″ and I am only 5’2.. The board was way too long, which I did not know until the following season.  The next season  I bought my second board GNU B Street with Nick Russian Artwork handmade in USA size 140 and the rest is history.  Once I tried the GNU board, I started riding much better.  

Snowboarding has taken hold of my life on a daily basis. I eat, breathe, sleep and dream snowboarding. I am so lucky that I have a great riding partner who has helped me to be a good rider. This site will show my riding adventures and the life of a rider and how I am always chasing the snow. Now it will be officially two years on my board as of March 21,2013.  I have been to Sugarloaf, Bretton Woods, Jay Peak Vt, Jackson Hole WY, Wild Cat, Attitash, Black Mountain, Loon Mountain, Wachusetts Mountain, Killington, Waterville Valley, Sunday River .  Many mountains in only two years and counting.

Three years strong and I have conquered many fears, heights, and vertical’s, and victory on a box.   In the past three years I have added Crotched Mountain, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin in Colorado to the mountains, I have explored.  I have been frozen with fear, I have mastered jumping in to a bowl and I have lot’s of fun. I have now designed my own logo for this site and now have designed my own fashion line, and I am working on making it the best it could be.  I have a group of riding girly girls who now ride with me.  My fashion of snowboarding has grown so big, that I need two closets to hold it all.  My love of fashion keeps me cute and fabulous.




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  1. You go my darling daughter!!!

  2. Tiffany Topcab Mitchell on January 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm said:

    Thanks Mom <3

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